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Subject: all grain
Date: 1992-05-15 13:08:00 GMT

I have a rather large ten gallon brewpot that was a gift from my father in
which I brew everything including extract and all grain. When I am doing
all grain brews however, I must lug this thing with about 5-7 gallons of
boiling hot liquid through my kitchen, living room, down a flight of stairs,
across my basement to my workshop which is where I have an area cool enough
(unfinished part of the basement) to ferment anytype of ale or lager.

I am awaiting disaster while doing this everytime and am also searching for
solutions to overcome this such as:

1. Investigate using less mass water as posted yesterday by Kenneth Haney.

2. Get a dedicated range/cooker for my workshop. Perhaps the beer/fish cookers
that Dave Ballard posted also yesterday would be of use. Would you need to
have ventilation for these things. I would imagine so but maybe someone is
more aware of this than I. Also would these cookers put out enough energy
so that I would not need to wait a millenium for my 5-7 gallons to boil?

Your comments are welcome.

Frank Dobner

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