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From: (Michael Biondo)
Subject: Beechwood Aging
Date: 1992-05-15 14:46:02 GMT

While thumbing through Michael Jackson's 'The New World Guide to Beer'
something intresting caught my eye. At the bottom of page 31 there is a
picture of a lagering tank with chunks of wood sitting outside of it.
The caption reads: 'Beechwood "aging" at another brewery, in Bohemian
forest country. The beechwood chips are used to fine the beer in the
lagering tank.'

I know AB makes a big deal of their "Beechwood Aged" process and in fact
have actually seen the large collander-like trollies full of chips that are
inserted into the lagering tanks, and also the special washing machines the
chips are washed in prior to reuse. (I think the chips are reused 5 times)
But until reading the above caption from Jackson (Woo! nice rhyme...), I
never realized that the beechwood was actually used as a fining agent.

Does anyone have any additional info on using beechwood as a fining - I
don't recall ever seeing it mentioned in any of the texts. How effective
is it as compared to the more standard finings? Has anyone actually tried
using beechwood on a home brewing scale?

Mike Biondo

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