From the HBD Archive
From: (donald oconnor)
Subject: "Klages" probably ain't
Date: 1992-05-15 16:23:41 GMT

A week or so ago there was a good discussion about mashing and
various malts, american and european. One inaccuracy that ran
thru the discussion of american malt was calling it "Klages".

There are 2 principle suppliers of american malt to homebrewers,
brewpubs, and some microbrewers in the U.S. Great Western Malting
as noted by someone (Jeff Frane?) sells a mix of pale malt varieties
one of which is Klages. Briess Malting is the other and (i think) the
largest homebrew supplier. It is there pale malt which is continually,
and wrongly called "Klages". There pale malt is also a mix of 2-row
varieties including Klages and perhaps 4 or 6 others. Briess calls
this mix "brewers malt" not Klages so it is not clear why so
many brewpubs and homebrew suppliers (wholesale and retail) refer
to this as Klages. For the most part it is not.

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