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From: Jay Hersh <>
Subject: Boston Beer Blah....
Date: 1992-05-15 16:43:34 GMT

I just got off the phone with someone at the BBC.

Yes they are definitely suing the BBW, and said this fact was reported in the
Herald a few weeks ago. They said they have to do this in order to protect
their trademark, and their product integrity (i.e. if the BBW brews bad beer
they don't want it getting confused with the BBC)

I pointed out to them that if they wree worried about protecting the trademark
(which if they don't they can legally lose it, or so they say) then they should
make a legal agreement with the BBW to license it for some trivial fee. This
obviates the question of who really owns it and stops wasting time/money.

I further indicated that BUD/MILLER/COORS is to BBC as BBC is to BBW,
i.e. they were picking a fight with the wrong people, and thus were wasting
their energy as well as pissing off the homebrewing community. I let them know
that lots of people were aware of this nationwide and mroe and more of them
were getting pissed off about it, and talk of a consumer boycott was being
bandied about.

The person I spoke with took my # and said they were unaware of people's
feelings on this, that this would be passed along to Jim Koch (who is rapidly
becoming persona non-grata among more than just Marelene :-) and he would
perhaps call me back....

This whole thiing irritates me cause I think it's real petty and that it's just
another example of lawyers and corporate geeks run amok....


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