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Subject: Re: Pre-boiling/full boil/Beer Hunter
Date: 1992-05-15 17:02:00 GMT

I've lost the original posters of these questions, so forgive me, but:

Re: Pre-boiling mash/sparge water

If you have a lot of temporary hardness (see your water analysis), which
is caused by Bicarbonate, you can lower the hardness by boiling and cooling
the water -- it will precipitate out the bicarbonate.

Re: why do a full boil for all-grain

A full boil is sort of necessary -- you see, you can get away with a small
mash (say 2 or 3 gallons) but then when you sparge, you will collect about
6 to 8 gallons of wort. This you need to boil down to 5 gallons. You
*can* do this in two batches, adding half the hops to each batch, but you
can't boil a small amount and then add to pre-boiled/cooled water in the
fermenter as mentioned by the poster.

Re: Beer Hunter

You can order it (or at least you used to be able to) from the Discovery
Channel at 1-800-TDC-8343. They used to throw in a free copy of Jackson's
pocket guide.

Re: toothpaste

Serves the person right... accept nature and stop sticking toothpaste
tubes in your underware! ;^).


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