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From: rlr@stcvax.UUCP (Roger Rose)
Subject: RE: bottles in CO
Date: 1988-12-31 19:41:16 GMT

Richard Stern asks:
> > ...
> > I'd settle for 12 oz if I can find them in the hard storage cases.
> > Can folks out there (especially those in Colorado) tell me where they get
> > bottles?? Are the non-returnable (and non twist-off) bottles thick enough
> > glass?? Am I really going to have to drink commercial beer until I have
> > enough bottles?? Thanks for any help you can give!!
> > ...

Some non-returnable bottles do work. Anchor Steam bottles seem to be a
favorite. I've placed some heavily carbinated meads (1 cup priming/5
gal.) and never had trouble with them.

If your area has a recycling center, they might have various bottles
for sale. Another source is other homebrewers. Many of us seem to
save bottles in the belief that we might suddenly be taken with an
urge to quadruple our brewing.

Roger Rose
UUCP: {ncar nbires handel}!stcvax!rlr

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