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From: avalon! (Jeff Mizener)
Subject: Racking/Siphoning Hardware & Pumps
Date: 1992-05-18 14:19:16 GMT

Some time ago there was a discussion about using a pump of some
sort to eliminate the hassle of siphoning. Did we ever get closure
on this issue? Are there any pumps out there (ideally self-priming)
that can be had for not-too-much money that do the job?

I have an Edmund Scientific catalog and they have some pumps, but
what I know about pumps could be written in very few words. If
anyone has any recommendatuons, I'd love to hear them.

What do all you siphoners out there do to seal the hose to the
racking tube and bottling wand? I have tried hose clamps (the
tiniest worm gear type I could find) as well as cable ties (Ty-Wrap
brand). Nothing I do seems to seal the hose to the tube as well as
I'd like (which is to say that they leak).
What am I overlooking?

Non HB-related question: What are Fosters Lager cans made of?
They seem to be steel sided with aluminum tops & bottoms.
They were on sale so I bought some. I just need to know into which
compartment of my recycling box they should go.


Jeff Mizener / Siemens Energy & Automation / Raleigh NC / Intelligent SwitchGear Systems
(reply to this address, not the one in the header!!)

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