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Subject: Belgium Wit/Raw wheat/Oranges
Date: 1992-05-18 15:55:54 GMT

From:Jim Busch aka

Ok, Im brewing an all grain Belgium Wit beer this week and I thought
I would look here for tips/comments on my upcoming procedure. Here's
the plan:
15 gallon brew pot, 15 gallon lauter tun
60% pale malt
35-40% raw summer wheat (NOT malted)
about 1-2 pounds 6 row pale for adjunct cooking
1 tsp corriander
several orange peels, added at conclusion of boil.

Mash pale malt separate from adjunct mash. Combine raw wheat with
2 Qts per pound water, hold 180, 10 minutes. Reduce temp to 150, add
2 lbs 6 row malt. Step mash/decotion, boiling adjuncts 15 minutes.
Now, Ive heard two methods: 1. lauter pale mash first then add adjunct
mash on top, using pale mash as a filter bed, and 2. Mix both mashes
well and hope the lauter works. I'm still deciding on this point.
Boil 90 minutes, lightly hopping with Hallertau. Add corriander and
orange peels at conclusion of boil(steep for 20 minutes as wort chiller
is sanitized). Ive also heard to add the fruit in the secondary or
late primary fermenter- any comments?? Pitch 1 litre phenolic top
fermenting yeast per 6 gallon fermenter. Push batch through to tap
quickly to maintain yeast suspension/freshness.

Any comments are appreciated, the sooner the better. I am waiting until
Wit batch 2 to attempt raw oats, unless someone suggests otherwise.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Jim Busch

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