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From: Mark Gryska <GRYSKA@cs.umass.EDU>
Subject: Diacetyl Rest
Date: 1989-09-28 23:33:00 GMT

A couple of days ago I wrote about performing a diacetyl rest
for use in lager beer production. Here is the specific information...

This is called the Narzsis technique after it's author. Conduct your
primary fermentation at 48 degrees F until you reach 67% attenuation.
At this point raise the temperature to 65 degrees F and hold until
the fermentation is complete. Reduce the temperature to 37.4 degrees
F to lager. This information was provided to me by Charlie Olchowski
of the Frozen Wort in Greenfield, Ma. It is the recommended
fermentation schedule for yeast #308.

The article I referred to was published in the "Best of Beer and
Brewing", Volumes 1-5 and written by Dr. Helmut Kieninger. The beer
is fermented at 54 degrees F until the final attenuation point is
approached, to an apparent extract value of about 2% by weight. At
this point the yeast is removed but the beer must remain at 54
degrees for a minimum of 72 hours for diacetyl reduction. The beer is
then cooled to 43 degrees F for a period of 12 hours and then the
temperature is reduced to 32 degrees F for 3-7 days. (This procedure
assumes that CO2 is added during bottling.)

- mg

Mark Gryska

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