From the HBD Archive
From: (Joe Rolfe)
Subject: cookers etc
Date: 1992-05-18 18:12:56 GMT

someone was asking about cookers yesterday and thought i add my 2 cents:

i have a fairly large kettle (2bbl) and have completed my first batch in it.
i used a 135k btu propane fired cooker with a 40lb tank in my basement, with
windows and a cellar door wide open. the tank and hose assy is set up for
the 10psi regulator, i'd like to go 15psi, but 10 works just fine for me.
i also ventilated the brewhouse with a fairly good size fan
(in blowing out a thru a window). there was plenty of ventilation
and little or no build up of fumes. i am told tho to meet code
i will probably have to put a hood over it.

i boiled a 44 gal batch, which the water temp out of the hose was 50 F.
the cooker brought the temp up between 1 and 2 degrees per minute. the boil
was vigorous and rolling during the entire boil.

as a test the night before i boiled a 5 gal pail of water in about 5 min or
less. for smaller batches you can get away with alot less btu, probably
35k will do. i know of a person doing a similar brewlength (2bbl) with
twin 35k btu burners with an electrical element assist.

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