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Subject: Water use
Date: 1992-05-18 05:00:03 GMT

Subject: Water use Time:8:21 AM Date:5/18/92
Darren Asks:

>Sparge water amount:
>I'm planning a brew using 15lbs of pale malt. Using 1 qt/lb of grain,
>I'll be using 4 gallons of water in the mash. Do I still sparge with
>5 gallons? Less? More?

First, 4 gallons is not 1:1 for 15 lbs of grain, so perhaps you didn't tell us
the whole story.

I use the same water to grain ratio (1:1) and I find that about 25% of my
strike water is lost to absorption in the mash. I sparge with the intent of
collecting between one and two gallons in excess of my final batch size. So in
this case (assuming your 4 gallon figure is accurate) you'll get 3 gallons out
of the mash without sparge. If you want 10 gallons after the boil you'll need
to collect 11, or sparge with 8. For smaller batches just work it out.

I can also calculate it as a 10% loss of water over the total water used in the
mash and sparge, but I suspect this is tied to batch size. For example, this
weekend I brewed a batch using 20 lbs of grain. I put a total of 13.5 gallons
of water through the grains and collected a little more than 12 gallons (by
running the grains "dry") for the kettle. This I boiled down to 10.5 gallons. I
got a yield of 31.5.

In a related area:

I did some rough calculations while I was waiting for the boil to finish. I
figured I use about 70 gallons of water to make and serve 10 gallons of beer.
That means when I brew I exceed my daily allotment (that's for San Francisco).
I use a lot of boiling water to clean my kegs, stainless fermentor and wort
chiller. I try to recycle as much water as I can by cleaning the equipment with
the hot stuff and rinsing with left over coolant water from my chiller.

I'm curious as to the water consumption that the rest of you experience.


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