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From: polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET (Larry Barello)
Subject: Re: pre-boiling water
Date: 1992-05-18 20:12:57 GMT

you write:
>I would say definitely pre-boil all water used in brewing to drive
>off Chlorine. My mash pH goes all the way down to 4.6-4.8. I attribute
>this to the absence of Chlorine.

I thought 4.6 was too low for a proper mash. Miller
recommends 5.0-5.3. Can one go too low or is the majority of sparge
problems when the pH is too high (e.g. > 5.6)?

The reason I ask is that I have *never* seen a mash above 5.0. I treat my
water with gypsum (1gm/gallon usually). I was working up to worrying about
it, but maybe I won't ;-)


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