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From: James Spence <>
Subject: national competition
Date: 1992-05-19 00:07:42 GMT

We'd like to thank you all for your comments and criticisms of the National
Competition. It is always very valuable to us to have input from the

We will be having an open forum about the National Competition at the National
Conference at the Marc Plaza Hotel in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening, June 9
(time and location TBA). Everybody is welcome to attend and provide input and
suggestions about the National Competition. All suggestions will be passed on
to a National Competition Committee that will be formed after the Conference
that will discuss the issues you raise.

The following article excerpt appeared in the Spring 1991 issue of Zymurgy
magazine. It outlines the short and long range goals for the National
Competition. Many of these were fulfilled this year and we hope to continue to
fulfill these goals.

ASSOCIATION NEWS--Spring, 1991 Zymurgy


The AHA National Competition continues to undergo transition in response to

membership needs--to maintain quality and meet the dramatic growth in past
The AHA Board of Adviser Competition Committee, the membership and staff,
together with comments from participants have helped to establish goals for the

The short-range goals include:

Anticipating 2,000 entries in the 1991 Competition.

Maintaining the quality of the Competition while systems and judging
expertise are developed, and familiarizing participants with competition

Testing and evaluating registration, data, communication and judging systems
with an interim format for first-round judging in San Francisco, Boston and
Boulder. This interim format limits and splits certain styles of beers judged
on the West and East Coasts.

Keeping the number of entries at the new sites to 500 to 600. This will be
done by carefully analyzing last year's entry data and selecting categories to
be judged at new sites. This will be done so that new sites are not
overwhelmed with unanticipated responsibility for judging an excessive number
of beers using new systems.

Developing, writing, implementing and publishing a "Manual for Judges and
Judging Procedures" and "A Manual for Competition Entry Registration" to help
assure maximum consistency in entry handling and entry evaluation.

Evaluating and considering the results and comments from participants in the
1991 Competition to develop the long-range goals.

Encouraging the support of the homebrewing community and beer industry
through various sponsorships to help defray the costs of running the
Competition and keep entry fees at a reasonable level.

The long-range goals include:

Developing systems to maintain a quality Competition that is expected to
exceed 3,500 entries by 1993

Having multiple sites throughout the United States and perhaps Canada that
will undertake judging all entries for all beer classes for homebrewers
residing in a given region. The top-scoring beers in each class for each
region would advance to the final round of judging.

Developing registration and scoring systems, judging expertise and accurate
and well-defined style descriptions. The goal is to maintain a one entry/one
bottle requirement for first-round judging and a two-bottle submission to the
final round.

Developing accurate style definitions for the AHA Nationals that will enhance

consistency in judging and help eliminate the possibility of "regional biases."

The entire National Homebrew Competition program, including styles,
categories, rules and regulations have been revised and updated. The program
was reviewed by the Board of Advisers Competition Committee and numerous
professional brewers. Suggestions and comments were incorporated to improve
the program.

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