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From: Jay Hersh <>
Subject: Boston Beer Blah...
Date: 1992-05-19 15:14:43 GMT

Sorry this was a cc of a message to a local discussion group.

BBC is Boston Beer Co. makers of Sam Adams products.
BBW is Boston Beer Works, a respectable new brewpub that just opened
across the street from Fenway Park.

Seems the BBC waited until after the BBW had opened (i.e. purchased signage,
did lots of interior decorating with the BBW name, printed stuff like
coasters, menus, napkins, etc....) and then decided to sue them over the
name (they have trademarked Boston Beer Co and claim the BBW name is too
similar, and thus must enforce or lose their trademark).

Since everyone else around here knew for months before hand what the name of
the place was gonna be, we find it hard to believe that the Sam Adams folks
could have missed it. Also since they market their stuff under the Sam Adams
name (and few buyers actualy know the real name of the company, i.e. BBC)
many are dubious of the claim that the BBW name intereferes or threatens the
BBCs product. Most of us feel like the Sam Adams people if they had a gripe
should have engaged in discussion up front and come to some reasonable solution.

Don't want to take up any more bandwidth, but if you want to call and gripe,
the number is 617-522-3400 I think an address is on the side of the bottles,
there is none in the phone book and i don't know off hand (well it I think the
bottles say The Brewery, Germania St., Boston, Ma... zip=?????)


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