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From: (Warren Kiefer)
Subject: Mega Batch (HELP) :*)
Date: 1992-05-19 16:27:50 GMT

Howdy All,

This is it, my brew buddy and I are ready to take the plunge into
some larger batches, we have aquired a nice 40-45 gal. stainless steel vat
from a nearby dairy, even has a stirring wand in it !! We have a nice pump
to help do the sparge and as of this moment we have four 10 gal. milk cans
to be used for something ?? We also have a Creole Cook'r and a 100lb.
propane tank. So I would really like some input from all of you on how
much grain, hops and so forth we would need for a batch of this size.
As of now we are still doing 5 gal. batches, so we use 1.33 qts.
of water per lb. of grain, if we use 10 lbs. of grain we mash with approx.
11 qts. and use around 5 gals. of water to sparge with. So if we want to make
30 gals. of beer do we just use 6 times as much of everything ??
Say 60lbs. grain, 20 gals, of mash water and 15 gals. to sparge with ???
So if there is anyone out there who has experience doing the mega
batches, could you please help us out, maybe a recipe ??? Any ideas on
how to crush the grain ?? We've got some cleaning to do so we probably won't
try it for another couple of weeks or so. Any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated !! I can honestly say I've never REALLY worried about any of
the 5 gal. batches before, but I am getting a tad worried about 30 gals. of
brew, I'm sure once I see and smell 30 gals. of black as night stout, I WILL
relax :*)
Yes I can hear it now :

Me: How many pounds of Northern Brewer do you have ??

Homebrew Supply : Do you mean pounds or ounces ??

Me: You heard me right, I mean pounds !!

Homebrew Supply : Uh, okay, let me check !!

Me: Great, you don't happen to have a pallet of grain !!

Keep on Brewin' we're gettin there..

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