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From: (Jeff Copeland)
Subject: Yeast, Pumps, Propane and Festivals
Date: 1992-05-19 16:27:53 GMT

Got about 8cents to put in:

1) Jeff Mizener was asking about siphoning: I would think some
sort of fluid pump for indoor fountains would do the trick
I'm not sure what flow rate to use, obviously greater that
natural flow but at higher rates one runs the risk of sucking
out trub and/or sediment. I just stick the tubes into the hose
VERY tight fit, try finding hose with a smaller inner diameter.

2) I'ld second Brian Bliss's comments on yeast population.
Qualitatively, I figure yeast grow exponentially limited
by the amount of food and alcohol content. When you pitch
into starter then a day later into the wort you're introducing
orders more yeast cells than pitching directly into the wort.
What have the micro-bio's have to say?

3) The problem with cookers indoors (ie: basements) is that
propane is heavier than air and if you have a leak or incomplete
combustion, the propane will collect on the floor running the risk
of explosion (static electric discharge is enough to trigger)
hence the need to use them outdoors or with an industrial,
NOT a kitchen ventilation hood.

Finally 4) Since we've had postings on East and West Coast brew fests
Fort Collins, Colorado is having its 3rd Annual Colorado
Brewer's Festival Saturday June 27. About 20 Colorado
commercial brewers (over 20 if you count Coors and A.B.)
will be pouring in the Old Town area, bands and food too.


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