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From: John S. Link <prcrs!link@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: wort coolers
Date: 1989-09-29 18:53:32 GMT

I've been considering making my own wort cooler; but not the
conventional copper tubing immersion type.

My thought was to take a considerable length of siphon tubing and coil
it inside a 5 gallon paint bucket filled with ice and water. I would
siphon the hot wort (from the stove top), through the ice cooler (on a
chair) to the fermentation container(on the floor). I would have
to experiment to find the correct length of "coil" to place in the
ice bucket to obtain the best temperature.

I would have to use a rigid plastic tube on the hot wort side
to keep the tube from collapsing due to the vacuum created by the

Are there other things I'm not considering? Has anyone tried this?

(Help, before I ruin five gallons of homebrew!!!)

John S. Link

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