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From: (Josh Grosse)
Subject: Beechwood Fining
Date: 1992-05-20 01:45:47 GMT

In 883, Michael Biondo asked about using Beechwood slats or chips as fining
agents as used by A-B and as Jackson says, it's "an old method still used by
some Bavarian Brewers to clarify beer."

My understanding (from Miller or Papazian, I can't recall) is that the wood
acts as an aid to flocculation. The yeast clings to the wood and
flocculation is enhanced. I also understand that metal slats are used in
some breweries because the wood is expensive (in time, materials) to
sanitize than metal.

I can't recall if ionization plays a major role here or not. Likely, it
does, as us homebrewers use clarifiers like polyclar that are quite
effective as aids to flocculation and settling of yeast cells.

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Josh Grosse

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