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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: yeast, lock
Date: 1992-05-20 02:23:00 GMT

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Fm: Jack Schmidling

>From: (Brian Bliss)
>Subject: yeast population

>> all the extra stages. I can't believe the yeast cares whether it is in a
>> gallon of wort or an ounce.

>I don't agreee with this statement. If you pitch a wyeast packet
into a 12 oz starter, wait one day, and then pitch to the fermenter,
it seems to take off faster than just pitching into the fermenter
directly, plus the extra day.

I was just speaking intuitively and suggested controlled experiments to
corroborate the hypothesis. I don't doubt your experience, I just can not
hypothesize a cause and this....

>i.e., If you dilute yeast too much, they seem to slow down more
than proportionately.

......isn't very scientific.

Your experience could be the result of:

Temperature variation
Different Nutrients in starter/wort
Barometric pressure
Being correct in your hypothesis

I am not sure why one would want to go directly from petri dish to the wort
because for the same amount of effort you can make dozens of slants for
future use.

On a slightly different subject, I pure cultured a granule of Red Star
Champaign yeast for my dandeline wine and it worked out real well. It was
down to 1.010 ten days ago when I racked it but it is still blurping every 5

I find it very satisfying to take a cheap dry yeast and turn it into a pure,
single cell culture. It's sort of like the guy who bragged about building
his own maltmill for only $12.

If anyone would like a re-run of my simplified yeast culturing article, I
will be happy to mail it out.

From: Jacob Galley <>

>> From: (Jack Schmidling)
> >One sure sign of an old salt at home brewing is the classic glass
>>fermentation lock. When I first started wine/beer making, there was
>>nothing else available, now they are scarce as hens teeth.

>I think, but don't know, that Semplex of USA in Minneanapolis sells
glass S-locks for about $5-6. Write me if you need the address, phone
number or price.

Funny you should mention Semplex. In the 60's, they were about the only mail
order house in the country. My ancient catalog lists them at at $1.29 ea or
3 for $3.25. You might want to verify the price :) They also show a fruit
crusher for $55 and a fruit press for $31.90. I have been drooling over the
crusher at my local homebrew shop but the $250 is a bit more than I want to

Stand-by for "MALTMILL SR." it dices, slices, shreds, makes tons of cole
slaw and crushes everything from malt to apples:)

>From: "Rad Equipment" <rad_equipment@rad-mac1.ucsf.EDU>
>Subject: Milwaukee ID's

>OK, I have made arrangements with a sign-maker friend (and occasional
Digester) Bill Stender, to make up some unique stickers to identify the
Electronic Brewers.

Great idea. I would hate to miss meeting any of the gang for lack of a name
tag. I will be easy to find because I will probably be the only one with a
MALTMILL under my arm. I plan to be there on the evening of the Homebrew
Expo and would love to meet you all. Yes, even you Jeff:)


p.s. Just got off the phone with Semplex. The glass locks are still
available. $5.95 ea or 3 for $16 something. You can even specify stopper
size. DARN! There goes my thousand dollars. I ordered three more. Phone
number for plastic orders is:

(612) 522 0500


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