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From: richer@ionic.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Al Richer)
Subject: Keg parts / cleaning info
Date: 1992-05-20 14:00:49 GMT


have recently stumbled over a complete kegging outfit (for $10. in a flea
market!! 2 kegs, a 2-regulator rig with a 20-pound cylinder, and all the hoses
and fittings.. drool on, envious rabble...8*)..).
Unfortunately, neither keg is a standard type, and the gaskets in
both are terminally root-beer contaminated. Has anyone got any suggestions as
to where I might obtain replacemt gaskets? Both have twist-on lids, one in 1
piece, one in two, an inner lid wth an external lock ring, if this helps to
identify them.

One is also missing a pickup tube.I can easily fabricate one from hard copper
tubing, but I'm a little concerned about the long-term effects of copper contact
with an acid medium like beer. Any opinions?

Finally, this rig came with a refrigerated 4-tap dispenser made by Cornelius,
which was used for carbonating and dispensing premixed fountain drinks. Does
anyone have any suggestions as to a good cleaner to pump through the feed lines
to clear them of the old soda residue? They're stainless-steel and wire
reinforced plastic, so it seems like I could get away with running something
fairly strong through them with little fear. I don't want to use chlorine,
though, as I've heard bad things about it in contact with SS.

I await your opinions with bated breath.

Email or post would be good for this, as it seems like it would be
of general interest.

Until later,


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