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From: Conn Copas <>
Subject: Double mashing
Date: 1992-05-21 11:47:32 GMT

I recently saw a recipe that involved the following steps (a) mash the goods
(b) run-off (c) add more water and mash for a further period (d) run-off,
then sparge. The object was to extract both a high gravity wort and a small
beer from the same mash, in the familiar barley wine fashion. The brew
consisted of
large proportions of unmalted cereal in a loosely Belgian ale style. I am
wondering what the purpose of the second mash would be ? Presumably, this
would allow one to alter grist:liquor ratios and temperatures, and thus alter
the dextrin character of the second wort. On the other hand, one would think
that the character was largely fixed by the original mash, and that prolonging
the mash in an environment where many of the enzymes had been drained off would
have little effect ?

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