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From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: Spargeing, hop storage and yeast culturing
Date: 1992-05-21 15:42:00 GMT

A few random comments :

Sparging - its desirable to minimize the hydostatic pressure across the grain
bed at all times. This can be achieved (if you are a gravity run off sparger)
by raising your outflow line from your vessel to a few inches below the water
level inside the vessel. Something like this :

| |
| | -- outflow
| liquid | |
| |----

Hop storage - I have been using one of those vacuum sealing gadgets for hop
storage for several years now. I have had great success with it. I have used
hops that have been stored for a 1 1/2 years in the freezer that seem as fresh
as the day I packaged them. I just open bag, remove what I need and reseal the
bag (vacuum reseal) and store in freezer. I even use the sealer gadget for food
stuff too.

Yeast culturing - I think it is a good idea to reculture yeast for our own use.
However if we all did it and never bought from our suppliers occassionally they
yeast cultures would go away. I personally have got my brewing costs to the
point where beer is almost free. I have stopped culturing and buy all new yeast
about 2-3 times a year. I guess I feel I'm helping to keep this segment of the
supply business alive, while moderately increasing my brew costs.

See ya'll at the conference,

Bob Jones

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