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Subject: Bush Keg
Date: 1992-05-21 15:51:10 GMT

This is a repost of my posting on r.c.b, along with some clarifications.

It looks like I've inherited a Busch keg from a roommate from a previous
party (don't blame me, I don't drink that stuff :-)). It's the kind you get
when you pay a deposit, with a tap dispenser and a hand pump (no CO2 tank).
I can't describe it better than that, but I think you know which one. I'm
looking at it in my basement and wondering, Can I use it? I don't
necessarily want to ferment my next batch in it, just use it to prime and
dispense the beer. Any responses would be greately appreciated. Thanks.


PS As a response to some people who have already sent me mail telling me to
return it, please understand that I don't know where my roommate got it
from, and that it's been sitting in the basement for over a year now.

R 2 4 Toufic Boubez
| | | Computational Engineering Systems Lab
1 3 5 CAIP Center, Rutgers University, NJ

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