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Subject: Wort Transport
Date: 1992-05-21 17:57:00 GMT


It appears from the response that I received on alternatives to carrying
hot liquid from my kitchen to the basement that a direct siphon line from
the kitchen through an opening in the floor to the place of fermentation is the
choice option. I do still have a few questions that I have some answers for
but would like to hear your input before I go off buying reels of vinyl

1. Since the liquid is just about boiling hot when it gets siphoned, is it
necessary to sanitize it (the hose)? I am sure to be thorough my own answer
would be "YES" but if I can keep from having to sterilize one more thing that
has a lower probability of infection it would be worth the thought beforehand.

2. To keep the hose from kinking at the top of the brewpot (due to such a
severe temperature of the wort) I plan on using a racking tube. Does anyone
know if these racking tubes (you know the ones of clear hard plastics with
bend at one end) will be affected negatively by the heat (like melting for

3. Any practical recommendations as to how this operation can be simplified
to a one man routine?

Frank Dobner

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