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From: grumpy!cr@uunet.UU.NET (C.R. Saikley)
Subject: BBC vs. BBW
Date: 1992-05-21 19:35:53 GMT

I read JaH's posting about the friction between the BBC and the BBW,
and decided that this required some investigation. Tom Dalldorf,
editor of the Celebrator Beer News, just spoke with Jim Koch minutes
ago about this very topic. This is his side of the story.

Mr. Koch claims that he knew of a brewpub opening near Fenway Park,
but learned of its name only when he drove by and saw the sign. He
stopped to try negotiating with them at that time, but the BBW folks
were steadfast in their choice of names. Apparently one of the owners
of the BBW is a lawyer from NYC, who has decided that they should
dig in their heals on this. It's likely to get uglier.

Meanwhile Mr. Koch also says that BBC has received hundreds of calls
about their new brewpub, which of course doesn't exist. Furthermore,
some of these calls are from BBC's accounts, who are irate because
they believe they are now competing with their supplier. Consequently,
JK feels that there is a real issue of consumer confusion here, and
that the BBW is trying to capitalize on the success of the BBC to the
BBC's detriment. Businesses copyright names for a reason, and JK now
feels compelled to protect his copyrights.

As beer afficionados, we are all very sensitive to cases of the big
guy picking on the little guy, but in this case, who is the bad guy?

Tom is planning on getting the other side of things from the folks at
BBW. We'll see what they have to say.


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