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From: (John Freeman)
Subject: racking tubes
Date: 1992-05-22 15:21:20 GMT

> Date: Thu, 21 May 92 12:57 CDT
> From:
> Subject: Wort Transport
> 2. To keep the hose from kinking at the top of the brewpot (due to such a
> severe temperature of the wort) I plan on using a racking tube. Does anyone
> know if these racking tubes (you know the ones of clear hard plastics with
> bend at one end) will be affected negatively by the heat (like melting for
> instance)?

I used a white plastic racking tube on hot wort once and the heat
softened the plastic. It had a permanent curve in it after that.
My carboy was sitting on the cold basement floor and broke ever
so cleanly around the base.

If you're going to siphon lots of liquid, make a racking tube out of
1/2" copper pipe, a 90 Ell and a 45 Ell. Large diameter plastic hose
fits over the copper pipe. I notice a big difference even in racking
five gallons.

------------------------------+ 90 Ell
| pipe
# 45 Ell
/ pipe
/ hose

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