From the HBD Archive
From: Darren Evans-Young <>
Subject: Hot vinyl hose kinking
Date: 1992-05-22 15:49:37 GMT

>Subject: Wort Transport
>2. To keep the hose from kinking at the top of the brewpot (due to such a
>severe temperature of the wort) I plan on using a racking tube. Does anyone
>know if these racking tubes (you know the ones of clear hard plastics with
>bend at one end) will be affected negatively by the heat (like melting for

I image, from what I've heard from others, that the racking tube will
deform (melt). Your solution is to get a small section of copper
tubing and a hose clamp. Bend the copper tubing over the edge of the
pot and use it as your siphon pickup. Attach the vinyl tubing to the
copper tubing with a hose clamp. Voila!


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