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From: "Peter W. Karlson" <>
Subject: First Lager
Date: 1992-05-22 18:40:18 GMT

I have a few questions for the seasoned lager gurus....

This is my first attempt at a lager, the primary fermenter is a 5 gal.
glass carboy with a tube/bucket blow-by for 4-6 days @ 45-50 degrees. The
secondary fermentation will be in another glass carboy with a
fermentation lock at 38 degrees.

Question 1: Does it even have to be moved from the primary to the
secondary or should I just leave it in the same carboy and lager it at 38
degrees (a closed system).

Question 2: After lagering at 38 degrees, what do I do at bottling time, do I
need to keep the bottled beer refrigerated?

Question 3: About dry-hopping, the recipe was originally for a pilsner but
it seemed too hoppy, so I didn't dry-hop. What is the advantage/result of
dry hopping (bitterness, flavor, aroma). How do you dry hop? When do you
add the hops to the fermenter (primary/secondary), I'm using pellet hops,
should I throw them in loose or in a cheese cloth bag. If you do move the
beer to a secondary fermenter, how do you/do you filter out the hops.
Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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