From the HBD Archive
Subject: more on beechwood
Date: 1992-05-22 19:12:01 GMT

Yesterday, matth replied to my smart-ass remarks:

>i Yes, the yeast are in suspension. However, the beechwood aging is done in
>the secondary when the intent is to get the yeast *out* of suspension. I
>believe (not %100 certain) that the big advantage here is indeed the surface
>area of the beechwood that acts as a fining agent. The yeasties collect more
>on the beechwood than they would just settling to the bottom of the

I'm still not quite up with you yet. Why bother with beechwood chips when
a simple filtration would do the trick? Is it because the filtration would
thin the brew even more than it already is? When I visited the Full Sail
Brewery a couple of years ago, I noticed a filter. Their brews aren't thin,
so I wonder under what conditions the filtering is acceptable? Then there
is Coors and Miller who advertise filtering. Back on the subject of
beechwood, could it be simply traditional that AB uses this process?


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