From the HBD Archive
Subject: quick question: re: blow-off hoses
Date: 1992-05-25 00:27:00 GMT

Dear Brewers,

I just have a quick question: I used the hose that I normally use for
siphoning for a blow-off hose, and now it seems to be stained with a
mustard-like discoloration. I think I got most of the scum and resinous
"blow-off" out of the tube, most if not all. I soaked it over night in
a chlorinated water solution and then rinsed it maticulously with HOT
water numerous times. Still, it's got a noticible stain to it. So the
question is, is it time to get a new tube for siphoning (as this one
runs a risk of contamination)? If so, should I keep this old tube for
future use as a blow-off tube, or get another tube for that specific
use as well (or further still, should I get an all together different
type of tubing - perhapse with greater I/O diameters?)

Thanx in advanse for the responses,


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