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Subject: yeast culture
Date: 1992-05-26 13:51:29 GMT

As a novice, a disgusted one, in yeast culture I have a couple of questions
for the experienced. I have been working up a recipe in which I have used
Wyeast Irish Ale. First from a foil pouch, secondly from a slant given to
me which was purportedly cultured from a pouch, and thirdly from a liquid
culture also given to me from the same source. The first two batches fermented
out rapidly to the static state with good results. The third (current)
batch of identical constituents is on its 3rd week of fermentation and still
chugging. A taste test was not good. Unfortunately there is an added
variable, the last batch was made in a new mash/lauter tun in which I used
a 1" circular copper slotted tube as the filter element. This was its first
use, and although I cleaned the copper well, when the mash was done, the
tube was a much brighter uniform color than when I started. Is it possible that
copper salts were generated which did a number on some of the yeasties, or am
I left to conclude a yeast problem?
Second question...I note from the special yeast edition of Zymurgy that
Whitbread is a combination of 3 yeast strains, no one of which is a self-
sufficient one for brewing. Can one conclude from this that propagation
from a single colony from a slant would only pick up a single strain and
therefore not work?
Not worried, it's too late for that...the batch goes down the tubes.

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