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Subject: Re: hoses
Date: 1992-05-26 17:30:00 GMT

I have two comments on hoses.

Several posters suggested using vinyl hose for siphoning hot wort.
Don't do it! PVC hose gets much too soft even at 150F, let alone
212F. My Ace Hardware carries two types of hose. Clear PVC and
a translucent white, firmer hose. I used the soft, clear PVC for
the cold side of my immersion chiller and the firmer white plastic
hose for the hot side. Works great. I think it may be some kind of
PolyEthyline (PE) so it should be okay for siphoning wort. I
suggest using that.

Regarding John's question on blowoff hoses: Don't use the 5/16"
siphon hose! It's too small! Eventually, it will clog! I use
1/2" ID -- 5/8" OD PVC hoses. I've stuffed a short length of
1/2" OD firm, white plastic hose (see above) into the stopper and
then slipped the 3 feet of PVC over the end of that. You can
also use a 1.125" OD PVC hose simply stuffed into the neck of the
carboy. If your hardware store doesn't have it, virtually any
homebrew supply store can get it for you.


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