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From: (Tim Tessin)
Subject: Re: Hops
Date: 1992-05-26 18:05:36 GMT

>Subject: Hops

>My question is, what kind
>of yield may I expect this year and will plants be able to survive the
>harsh winters we get here during its first calendar year in northern
>Illinois soil?

New York used to be a hop growing region, so I presume a freeze isn't
fatal. I have just this week made some cuttings for my friends and I'll
see if they root and grow. (They seem to be) My first year yielded
about 1oz total hops per vine (I was happy).

Another question: I have Fuggles and Hallertauer growing (No. Cal) and
my Fuggles is about 15 ft and has cones on it already. Some are starting
to turn a bit brown on the edges (just like in fall harvest). Should I
pluck the cones as they ripen? They seem to be wonderfully fragrant and
there is good lupulin production. I am just a bit surprised that
there are mature cones already. Will it flower all summer requiring me
to harvest once per week or so? This is the 2nd year for this plant, it
sprouted in mid March, lots of sun and gets watered every day.

Tim Tessin - Livermore Carboys

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