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Subject: Summary of blow-off responses, etc.
Date: 1992-05-27 15:31:00 GMT

Dear Brewers,

First, thanks to all who responded to my questions regarding my stained
siphon/blow-off hose. I guess there's little to summarise, as I
received almost unanimous responses, i.e.: get another hose for my
siphoning, but keep this one for future use with blow-offs. I did get
some varience with suggestions for future blow-off methods, especially
when I plan to use whole leaf hops in the boil (or even dry hopping).
Most of those who responded suggested that I invest in another, wider
I/O diameter hose which would fit snugly into the mouth of the carboy
thus decreasing the possibilities of clogging. Luckily, there's an Ace
Hardware store just down the block from my appartment and I can get both
hoses - replacement siphoning hose and the wider blow-off - with
relative ease. Thanx again to all, and I'll keep you posted!

On a different note, can anyone tell me an accurate (or approximate)
way to measure one pound of corn sugar without a scale? My latest
batch - which prompted all the questions about blow-off hoses - called
for 1 lb. of corn sugar, and I had to guess using a 1 cup measure
how much sugar that was (and judging from the low OSG, I guessed
lightly). So can anyone answer the question, how many cups of corn
sugar equal (approximately) one pound? Thanx in advance.


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