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From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: The NEW mill from MIcah Millspaw
Date: 1992-05-27 18:20:00 GMT

Success at last. Bob and myself have been trying to build a
malt mill for several months, and this weekend I finaly got mine debugged.
This mill provides the BEST crush I have ever seen. It has two 4 inch
diametre rollers that are 4 inches wide. They are both in-running driven
by 4 inch dia. spur gears. The mill is powered by a 1\2 horsepower washing
machine motor with two speeds. The slick part about this mill is the fact
that the gap between the rollers is not adjustable. We found that the
adjusting mechanism was the weak point in everyone elses grain mill. And
so it was eliminated. It seemed that once the mill was adjusted to provide
a good crush it was then left alone, hopefully to stay put (gap wise)
A formula was found to help determine the proper gap size and the speed
at which to turn the rollers, the main problem that we ran into was
getting enough torque, but a big motor fixed that. At present the gap
is set at .050 inch and the rollers have a fine straight knurl on them.
This setup does a excellent job on both barley and wheat and even dextrin
malt. The thru feed is about four pounds per minute.

radius of roll + 1\2 gap
angle of nip cos a = -------------------------------
radius of roll + radius of particle

an angle of 12-14 is good.

speed - 6-13 surface feet per second is good

sfm = ---- * diametre sfs=sfm/60

5250 * horsepower
torque = -------------------

perhaps this info will be of use to some who are building their own

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