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From: (Bill Flowers)
Subject: Kriek Lambic and weiss beer
Date: 1992-05-27 19:52:48 GMT

Recently while on a business trip I discovered a restaurant (The Full Moon
on Main St. in Ann Arbor MI) which had an amazing selection of
international beers. For the first time I was able to try Lindeman's Kriek
and various German Weiss beers (along with others I've only heard about
such as Xingu).

I also found a store (The Beer Depot, one block down and turn the corner
from The Full Moon) which claimed to have over 200 types of beer (they had
all the bottles on display; I believe them) so I was able to buy a few of
the better ones and bring them home.

My wife sampled the Kriek I brought home (as did my mother-in-law, and
brother- and sister-in-law who all loved it) and declared that she could
drink gallons of it this summer. The amazing thing about this is that the
kindest thing she has ever said about any beer in the past is that it was
barely tolerable if she was extremely thirsty (this includes numerous
European brews). Personally I am completely hooked on the German Weiss
beers I tried (served with yeast and a twist of lemon): Hacker-Pschorr
Weiss and Ayinger Brau-Weisse (I brought back a bottle of Ayinger Ur-Weisse
which I haven't tried yet).

My questions:

Has anyone tried the Brewferm Kriek kit (from Belgium)? How close is it to
the wonderful Kriek Lambic I tried? It isn't cheap (Cdn$20.59) esp. as it
makes only 12L (instead of the normal 19L). I plan on starting it this
weekend to generate those "gallons" my wife wants for the hot weather.

It calls for some sugar (500g I think), but I was thinking of substituting
alfalfa honey. I think it will give me the light body called for (which
DME wouldn't) without the off flavours of corn sugar. Comments?

Similarly, what is the Brewferm Weiss kit like? Should I substitute wyeast
#3056 (Bavarian wheat) for the supplied dry yeast? (I know, always throw
away the dry yeast that comes with a kit and substitute ...).

Which reminds me, what about the yeast in the Kriek kit?

Finally, has anyone had any success duplicating Kriek or a wonder weiss
like I tried from recipe? (Extract recipes if possible, I don't mash.) I
recall the recipe in the appendix (Sour mash and lambics) in TNCJoHB. The
difficulty is obtaining the proper yeast(s) (can it/they be obtained
commercially at all?). If I know which Wyeast to order my brew store will
special order it for me. They normally only carry 5 strains.

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