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Subject: Wort Chiller
Date: 1992-05-27 23:24:00 GMT

After all the great responses I got on ways of tranporting wort to my basement
after brewing, I went out and bought some 1/2" copper tubing and vinyl hoses
to siphon and simultaneously cool the wort. I even have approval from my
wife to cut a nice round hole in the bottom of our kitchen cabinet, through
the floor in order to feed the hose. I am very excited about solving this
and actually improving the quality of my beer.

My question is this: Does anyone have a nice equation that would relate
the length of 1/2" coil that would be required to cool wort from temperature T1
(which would really be about 212F) to T2 (depending upon if it is ale or
lager yeast I am using between 40-60 F). I would imagine the specific
gravity would show up in there and since temperature is already an
independent variable, it could also be used to correct the SG (that is
if the gravity that is used in the equation is expressed at hydrometer
temperature of 60F). I am most sure that the great minds in this crowd
have already come up with something. If so your input would as always
be most welcome.

Frank Dobner

PS; With a baby due any day now, I am likely to suggest that we name
our baby after a great beer to commemorate this great process improvement
in brewing. Maybe Porter? Or Marzena? NOT! By the way, I really look forward
to reading the HBD everyday. I appreciate the knowledge, interest, tips,
experience, advice and humor of the participants. Thanks for your contributions!

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