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From: S94WELKER@usuhs
Subject: Nd-Fe-B Alloy Barrels from Sumitomo Mining Corp (really?)
Date: 1992-05-28 01:36:00 GMT

I'm halfway to my MD, so I guess that means I'm halfway to knowing what I'm
talking about, right? So maybe Frank and everyone else will halfway listen
When I say...when it comes to reusing chemical containers, don't even
think about it. While I can't jump up and scream "Neodymium will kill you
cold as stone, and so will the other lanthanides!", I can say, "why take a
stupid chance?" To save, maybe $40 over buying a couple of Rubbermaid trash
cans? Is that worth an exposure to a chemical which is used to dope laser

Frank, if I can't cinvince you to toss those barrels, at least use them to
store something you're not going to eat. Just because they lack the old
skuull and crossbones poison hazard labels doesn't mean they're safe.
Besides, who wants to explain to a beer judge "that lime green color
might be from the boron residue the soap and water couldn't clean out of my
grain storage buckets. 'Tastes like brake fluid,' you say? Maybe I'll call
it 'Bhopal Pale Ale,' or 'Love Canal Porter!'"
- --
- --Scott Welker

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