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Subject: Re: The Starter from Hell
Date: 1992-05-28 13:17:00 GMT (Dr. Robert Bradley) writes:
> There is a notable peculiarity in their brewing process. Their kettle
> has a 500 gal. capacity, but their fermenters hold 1000 gal. So, they
> brew up 500 gal., aerate, cool and pitch the yeast, then brew another
> batch the next day and ADD NEW WORT TO AN ALREADY WORKING BATCH!!!!!!

Wow! A 500 gallon starter. (Really - might this help cut down on
their yeast costs?)

> How far do you folks think this process could be carried on: to a third
> addition 48 hours later? A fourth after 72 hours? etc?

I would guess that you could continue until you ran out of space or
patience. Of course, you would want to stop the cycle eventually so
you could complete your brew! All that work is bound to make you

Steve Casagrande

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