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From: Greg Neill <ynecgan@cid.aes.doe.CA>
Subject: dehumidifier water for brewing
Date: 1992-05-28 13:22:24 GMT

John Freeman writes:
> My cellar gets damp and musty in the summer, so I have a constant supply
> of water produced from the de-humidifier. Would this be good water to
> brew with? Seems like it should be pure unadulterated water....

Watch out!!! Lots of nasties will be growing in this water!!!
De-humidifiers work by passing large quantities of the room's air over a
cooling coil, where condensation of excess moisture takes place. Any wee
beasties suspended in the air can be trapped in the water droplets on the
coil and will drip into the collector along with them. You say yourself
that the cellar gets "musty"; you're smelling moulds and mildews, or at
least their spores suspended in the air.

Sounds like an efficient way to infect your beer with everything there is
to infect it with in your house!
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