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From: "Shannon 'Hydrocortisone' Posniewski" <imagesys!>
Subject: Chocolate in beer
Date: 1992-05-28 13:47:06 GMT

Chocolate and Brown Ale being important staples in my life, I decided
to mix the two in a brew. It came out OK: it had a subtle chocolate
smell, but no real chocolate taste.

We used 8oz of unsweetened baker's chocolate in a slightly modified 5
gallon batch of Papazian's Elbro Nerkte Brown Ale. We added it to
the boil at finishing time (with the finishing hops) along with
1/3c of dark brown sugar.

My only comment is that the "real" chocolate has fats in it which
(during fermentation) coagulate and make what look like enormous corn
flakes on the top of the wort. I simply siphoned around them when

Another note: it is habit for me to taste anything which come in
contact with the brew (that way you know which ingredients create
what tastes in the beer). Well, I tasted one of these flakes (which
smelled like chocolate). DON'T BOTHER! They tasted awful! Like fat
with a lot of hops. VERY bitter. VERY icky.


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