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From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: Brewferm Kreik
Date: 1992-05-28 15:45:56 GMT

>Has anyone tried the Brewferm Kriek kit (from Belgium)? How close is it to
>the wonderful Kriek Lambic I tried? It isn't cheap (Cdn$20.59) esp. as it
>makes only 12L (instead of the normal 19L). I plan on starting it this
>weekend to generate those "gallons" my wife wants for the hot weather.

I made up a batch this spring. I used 2 of the kits, 1 lbs dry
light malt extract, 1 oz hallertau, brought the wort volume up
to 5 gallons for the boil, cooled with a wort chiller, aereated
and pitched whitbread ale yeast.

The yeast packet that came with the kit says "product of england",
so I figured that it was regular brewing yeast, and not really
appropriate to make a lambic (tell me if I'm wrong), but of couse,
whitbread ale isn't either. So what I got is a cherry beer, but
not lambic. Nevermind - It was delicious (and it's all gone).
Give it at least 2 months in the bottle to age and clarify.

A cheaper route, but not as foolproof, is just to add 5 lb or
so of cherries and a little acid blend to a normal pale ale.
For a more authentic flavor, I've been able to culture the dregs
from a bottle of Timmerman's peche (no luck with Lindemann's) but
haven't yet had the guts to risk an entire batch with uncertain yeast.

I got my kits from the Grape & Grain in Springfeild, IL.
(1-800-524-6469) for $17.95 each (ouch!). Their prices are
usually a little more expensive than other stores (but not
too far out of line, like the local hobby shop), but the owner
is friendly, and fellow homebrewer, and gives good advice.


P.S. has anyone tried out any of the recipes in the back of
Guinard's Lamic book?

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