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Subject: Re: Kriek
Date: 1992-05-28 16:27:00 GMT

Bill asks about the Brewferm Kriek kit and making Kriek from scratch.

I've tried the Brewferm Kriek kit and offered it up for review at
BOSS (Brewers of South Suburbia (Chicago's)), CBS (Chicago Beer
Society) and Headhunters (Sugar Grove -- near Aurora, IL) club meetings
and the concensus is that it is not a Kriek by any stretch of the
imagination. I used two cans of the Brewferm Kriek in a 5 gallon batch
and used Wyeast #1028 in stead of the kit yeast. Barely any cherry flavor.
Not a bad beer, but not nearly enough cherry flavor. It had a sourness,
but that was probably from the citric acid which is listed on the label.

On to bigger an better things: homebrewed pseudo-Lambics (I offer that
we should respect the natural process of making Lambics and therefore
respect the appellations "Lambic," "Kriek," "Framboise," etc.). I have
a 15 gallon batch of pseudo-Lambic fermenting in my basement. You can
get two of the most dominant beasties from G.W.Kent in Ann Arbor Michigan.
You'll have to go through your retailer. My retailer charged me $8 each
for Brettanomyces Lambicus and Pediococcus Cerevisiae. The third of the
three dominant beasties is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (I used Wyeast #1056
- -- Chico Ale) which is your basic Ale yeast. Pick up J-X Guinard's book,
"Lambic." It has a lot of good info and the history (much of which is
still alive in Belgium) makes for interesting reading too. The amounts
of cherries needed to make pseudo-Kriek are staggering. Granted, the
Sharbeek cherries used by the most-traditional Belgian brewers have a
very high pit-to-pulp ratio, but if my memory serves me correctly, ene
brewer uses 300 lbs of cherries with 30 gallons of Lambic to make their
Kriek. I plan to use 13.5 lbs of pitted cherries (I would have used
unpitted, but at the time when I bought them, the only unsweetened ones
I could find were pitted and frozen) with 3.5 gallons of my pseudo-Lambic.

You know where you can find me immediately after the Conference: in Michigan
picking cherries -- I'll have to buy another freezer just for cherries (that
will make six fridges at my house!).


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