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From: Bob Devine 28-May-1992 1019 <>
Subject: The 3 Faces of Whitbread
Date: 1992-05-28 16:36:58 GMT

Jack Schmidling asks:
> Someone just posted an article about Whitbred yeast being a combination of
> several strains. Is this a fact or another momily? Does it apply to the dry
> version?
> I just pure cultured some from a pack of dry and will be pitiching in my next
> batch. If it is true, I just wasted a lot of effort.

Yes, there are 3 strains (see the Zymurgy special Yeast issue mentioned
by Noel Damon or a posting to HBD by George Fix). If you've cultivated
it, you likely only have one of the 3 strains (or even a wild yeast!).
I suggest it is not worth the bother to cultivate Whitbread because you
need to grow all 3 strains and then combine them in the right proportion
(which may not be 1:1:1...).

As an experiment, go ahead with a small batch based on your yeast culture.
If it takes off quickly, you have strain #1. If it has a long lag time,
it's #2 or #3.

Bob Devine

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