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From: polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET (Larry Barello)
Subject: Re: Pumpernickel Porter Recipe
Date: 1992-05-28 18:34:39 GMT

after much included mail, Brian writes:

>2) With the flaked rye adjunct (or any non-barley malt/adjunct),
> it is desirable to use a higher enzyme lager malt, and a lower
> temp (122F) protein rest, according to TCHOHB (Miller).
>3) Replace the molasses with brown sugar. Molasses leaves a notorious
> aftertaste, but this will fade with time (a long time - 6
> months to a year or more - depending upon the type of molasses)

In #1 I don't agree with the need for a Lager Malt - unless you are
using an English Pale Ale malt. Any domestic 2-row Malt should be
active enough to convert reasonable amounts of unmalted adjunct. I
have used GWM Pale Malt (Klages/Harrington mix) with as much as 20%
unmalted adjunct (i.e. 7lb of malt + 2lb of unmalted barley/oats)
and had no problem with conversion.

With regard to #2, I thought the conventional advice was to use a small
amount of molasses rather than Brown sugar. The sugar seems to contribute
an undesirable tast to beer (cidery/thin) - and besides, the brown, in
brown sugar is just molasses added to regular sugar.

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