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From: ix!roman@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Roman)
Subject: Re: Calories in homebrew
Date: 1992-05-29 13:44:18 GMT

I had just recently finally gotten around to trying to decipher the post
about determining calories in homebrew which was presented a few digests
ago. It seems much to complicated and in some areas does not make any
sense to me. If I was given a true/false test in chemistry and the
question was "Is this the formula for determining calories in homebrew"
I would have guessed false.

Anyway, that formula really is no good to me since there is too much
work involved to come up with a number just out of curiosity. Anyone
have a formula which approximates the number of calores just based on
the OG and FG. I envision something along the lines:

calories per oz = X * (OG - FG) + Y * FG

where X is the calories per specific gravity unit and Y is the calories
contributed by residuals per specific gravity unit.

The program I use to record my recipes calculates the % alc. (by weight
or volume obviously) from the OG and FG figures already. I would just
need an approximation for the value of Y and a number for the value of
X (number of calories per oz. based on the % alc. as determined from the
SG scale).

It should be easy to come up with approximations shouldn't it? After
all, if it's off by as much as 10% that's no big deal (to me at least).
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