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From: (Keith Winter)
Subject: Hops in SN Pale Ale
Date: 1992-05-29 16:06:51 GMT

Steven Boege asks:

> Greetings,
> Would someone please tell me which hop varieties are used in Sierra
> Nevada India Pale Ale and in Dinkel Acker Dark.
> Thanks,
> Steven J. Boege

According to the information I got when I toured the brewery, SN Pale Ale uses
two forms of Cascade Hops. The boil uses an experimental, high-alpha Cascade
and regular Cascade Hops are used for aroma.

A note about the post boil hopping: they use whole leaf hops as a filter stage in
addition to flavor. They load a large fitting, that sits in the pipe between the
boiling vessel and the heat-exchanger cooling apparatus, with the hops and force
pump the wort through it. I guess this works because SN Pale Ale sure had a
strong hop aroma.

The thing looks something like this (please excuse the ASCII graphics):

/ \
------------------/ \---------------
from boiler ----> wort flow HOPS -----> To heat-exchanger
------------------\ /---------------
\ /

Keith Winter (

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