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Subject: simple yeast-starter recipe, cherry mead
Date: 1992-05-29 17:49:00 GMT


Two quick question for the readership:

1) Can someone post a _simple_ recipe for a yeast starter? I know that I
can just use a liter or so of wort, but what if I don't want to brew an
entire batch? I know the ingredients; it's the quantities about which I'm
concerned. How much extract (prefer volume), how much hops, for, say a
quart of water? Can corn sugar (dextrose) be used? (It's easy to measure
small quantites, compared to malt extract, which is gooey, and is generally
a mess.) I've tried bottling wort, but nasties always manage to get in the
bottle, and in a few months I've got a glass grenade on my hands.

2) As a result of the unusually warm spring we've had here in Utah, the
cherries are almost ripe already. I'm looking forward to making my third
annual cherry beer, and have no shortage of ideas for that one, let me tell
you. But, I brewed my first mead this past December, and was thinking that
a cherry mead might be nice. Suggestions?

Thanks to everyone for all the great info that comes out in the HBD, and
especially thanks to Rob for maintaining the digest. I'd like to mention
that I'm grateful that this digest is still being distributed by email,
since I have no access to all these r.c.b.-type forums (fora?).


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