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From: djt2@po.CWRU.Edu (Dennis J. Templeton)
Subject: Wyeast 3056
Date: 1992-05-29 19:04:31 GMT

In a previous article,
(William R Tschantz)wrote:

>A quik question about Bavarian Wheat yeast from Wyeast. I know that it is made
>of 50 % S. cervisiae and 50 % S. Delbrucki. My question is when I make a
>starter culture of this will the S. Delbrucki also grow in regular DME starter
>or do I have to have some wheat malt included in the starter for the Wheat
>yeast to grow?
>Thanks for the Help, Bill

Here is a quick and a long answer from my experience of several months

1) it will grow fine on pure malt extract

2) despite being "50%" of each strain, I was not convinced that my original
pack of 3056 was a 50:50 mix of anything. I took the original package
(that was 2 weeks past the date on the cover, always refrigerated) and
opened it sterily and streaked it for single colonies on a malt-agar plate.

I got numerous single-colonies, and I expected to be able to tell the two
species apart by their appearance on the plate, at least after several
days, since someone here had advised me so. However, nearly all of the
colonies looked the same, large, wrinkled (after a week) and very pale
brown. With some scrutiny I picked out a few that were smaller, and when
re-streaked onto fresh plates this phenotype was retained.

So I got 2 colony types; large and wrinkled, and tiny.

I then grew up a dozen colonies in 200 ml cultures of wort (unhopped,
sterile) and fermented them out. Upon tasting, all 9 of the large colonies
seemed identical, estery, slightly sweet, with the characteristic Weissbier
cloveyness. The three "tiny" colonies were distinctly different, very
dry product with little ester taste.

I conclude that there were indeed two organisms, quite distinct, in my
3056, but at least by the time I got it opened one was vastly predominant
to the other.

What I've been doing for my weissbiers now is to make two starters, one
with the "Large" (estery) colony and innoculate that upon cooling the wort.
I then innoculate the fermenting wort with the "tiny" (dry, non estery)
starter at day 3. I want to give the wort a few days to develop the clovy
tang before hitting it with the other culture.

Has anyone out there similar or different experience with 3056? Does anyone
know if wyeast really tries to make it a 50:50 mix?


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