From the HBD Archive
From: John Palkovic <>
Subject: Aeration of chilled wort
Date: 1992-06-01 14:14:21 GMT

In HBD #892 Larry Barello <polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET> writes:

LB> Another nifty little gadget you can make with 6" of surplus
LB> tubing: Drill several 1/16" holes around the tubing about one inch
LB> from one end. Stick that end into the outlet of your
LB> chiller/racking hose. WHen racking the holes will suck in air and
LB> aerate your wort. No need to shake the carboy after using one of
LB> these gizmos.

Not a bad idea. Here is another way.

I have been getting excellent aeration by racking the chilled wort
from my boiler into a small funnel resting atop my carboy. By
directing the stream against the side of the funnel, you get a
significant amount of vorticity in the fluid mass in the funnel. This
creates a falling tubular wort stream below the funnel, which tends to
break up into small droplets.

-John Palkovic

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